I bought my first vinyl record in a store in the early 90s in Brazil_
Son of the analogue-digital revolution, my work as a filmmaker combines both universes through a contemporary vision_
I started my journey by graduating in Advertising and getting a few awards with my first narrative short film, 'SUB URBANO'_
For several years I worked in the Brazilian film and media industry_
"Channel Diaries" is my first documentary feature, and its world premiere was in September 2016 at the Festival International Du Film Sur Les Handicaps - FIFH in Cannes_
I relocated to the UK in 2017 and started Open Water Films based on the Isle of Man_
In 2024, I'm finishing my second documentary feature, 'Faster Than Life'_
I am still on the vinyl records hype but in love with Bandcamp_
You can count on me as a FILM & VIDEO Producer, Editor, Videographer, Creative Director and Social Media Content dude_
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