"Hats off to video-makers Open water films who have done a great job yet again - green-screen trickery and catching the band at their goofy, sneering best.”
"We love this music video from the local theatre company, Hello Little People, in partnership with Open Water Films, which makes it easy for young people to remember the steps we can all take to stay safe, smart and kind."
Isle of Man Government
In this web series, you can live the life of a real professional poker player. "The Real Game" is a unique opportunity to know the universe of the fastest-growing sport of mind in the world.
CabCard Go allows taxi fleets and drivers to easily accept contactless payments in the UK.
September 2011. Swimmer Marcelo Collet awaits Coast Guard permission to perform the biggest challenge of his life so far. After two years of preparation, he will try crossing the English Channel, known as the "Everest" of open water swimming. Due to the weather, his chances of getting into the water and facing the twelve hours separating England and France are dwindling. During the days of waiting, we know better the story of Paralympic athlete Marcelo Collet. At age 17 he was hit by a car during a cycling practice shortly after his first call to be part of the Brazilian triathlon squad. With the considerable loss of movement of his left leg, Collet devoted himself to swimming and competed in the Paralympics of Athens and Beijing.

Glen Wyllin Campsite | Kirk Michael | Isle of Man
On Thursday 14 November 2019, Castle Rushen High School’s senior first fifteen made history when they triumphed over King William’s College in ”The Big One” for the first time in the fixture’s history.
"We are Hello Little People! We create theatrical adventures for little humans, bringing stories to life with music, movement and laughter."
Chloe and Michelle
A video to celebrate Kegeesh Ommidjagh (Foolish Fortnight) - Christmas on the Isle of Man.
A Cold War nuclear 'bunker' hidden in the Manx countryside... Nuclear monitoring stations were created across the British Isles during the Cold War. In the case of a nuclear explosion, the hatch would be locked and those inside would remain there until the food ran out, feeding their readings back to the UK. Today these are nearly all destroyed, forgotten or left to ruin... but perhaps the best preserved of them all is in the Isle of Man... We are incredibly proud to release this film, the only officially sanctioned public video tour around this Royal Observer Corps site which was in operation until the fall of the USSR in the 1990s. This film was given its premiere at the Peel Film Night."
"I expect that artists and key workers will not be thrown back into oblivion at the end of times like these. Yes, I put the artist side by side with the key worker, not only in times of exception like the one we are experiencing."
"The most beautiful film from lockdown in the Isle of Man... Combing poetry, music & breath-taking images, this film offers a mesmerising picture of the Isle of Man's beauty and why it casts a 'spell of love' over everyone who calls it home. This film was created by Felipe Kowalczuk of Open Water Films as a #treisht2020 project, incorporating the poetry of Mona Douglas RBV, the Manx music of Scran & his own staggeringly beautiful images."
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