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Born from the transition of analogue 35mm film to digital 8K resolution, I have managed to combine the best of these universes with a sensitive and contemporary eye. I have received awards from film festivals throughout Brazil for my first short film as a screenwriter and director, "SUB URBANO" (2002), just after finishing my bachelor in Advertising and Communications.
After almost 10 years working as a screenwriter, director, editor and producer in the media industry, I founded my own production company Open Water Films, which co-produced the documentary feature "RAUL SEIXAS" (the second-best performing box office documentary in the Brazilian film industry) with distribution via Paramount Pictures.
"Channel Diaries" is my first documentary feature as a screenwriter, camera and director, and its world premiere was on September 2016 during the Festival du Film Sur Le Handicap in Cannes.
I moved to the Isle of Man in 2017 where I have been working as a creative and filmmaker for the local business and community (musicians, skateboarders, activist groups, environmental charities) developing and producing creative content for digital platforms. In 2019, I have started the production of my first horror short film in partnership with the Isle of Man Arts Council. I am constantly expanding my knowledge and always ready to work.


Music Video Executive Producer